Our Scenery DVDs will Motivate You!

VITA Digital Productions produces a unique series of Virtual Walk DVDs that actually makes the time spent on your elliptical trainer or other cardio machines enjoyable! And with over a 25 titles to choose from, you can experience world travel while staying fit and healthy.

Why not exercise tomorrow on your elliptical by walking in England's quaint Cotswold Villages - or maybe along Italy's beautiful Amalfi Coast - or possibly in London? We have a growing list of Virtual Experience DVDs from which to choose. You can choose a walk in a scenic rural settings or maybe a walk in Rome, or even Egypt! Click here to view our DVD Catalog

Filmed with professional television cameras and SteadicamTM camera stabilization equipment, these Virtual Experience Scenery DVDs will take the viewer to some of the most historic and beautiful locations in the world. And the time spent exercising on your Elliptical will fly by - you'll go further and you'll enjoy it more than ever before!

Customers Love Them!

Customers tell us over and over that our Elliptical Scenery DVDs make the time spent exercising "fly by," that they "exercise longer," and "enjoy the time spent exercising more!" Read what our customers are saying:

  • "Thank you so much for this wonderful line of videos. I have been using the first ones I purchased. I love them! And what a difference they make. I had been using the elliptical watching TV and could only go 20 minutes. I found I was so bored - especially during the commercial breaks. I was just watching the clock on the elliptical forcing myself to complete 20 minutes, and about 1/2 mile. Now with your inspiring DVDs I go the entire 30 minutes on the walking tours, and at a faster pace. I'm only adding 10 minutes, but I'm almost doubling the distance I go. That is incredible! I am so confident that with the help of your wonderful videos that I will lose the weight and get my diabetes under control with the goal of getting off the meds all together. THANK YOU! Do you have any other DVDs in the works? These will keep me entertained and inspired for a long time, I'm sure, but I'd love to keep adding to my collection. Thanks, again. Kathy"
  • "I have been enjoying my first order so much. It truly makes the workout go faster and is much more enjoyable. Thank You! Sue"
  • "I got the disc today and it looks and works amazing! You did such an wonderful job capturing the footage, it really feels like you're walking there when on the treadmill! Bonus footage was spectacular too. I can't wait to see the other two videos, Cotswold Villages 2 and Ravello. I think having the three will give me a good variety to start with. Later I will definitely want to add more locations to keep things interesting. I just know that I'll find something new every time I view them. I can't tell you how excited I am about your videos and how they will improve my exercising. It's really turning something I force myself to do, into something that I look forward to and enjoy doing. You have such a wonderful concept and execution. Thank you so very much, I really appreciate your talent, your accommodating my needs, your speedy turn around and your excellent product! Van"
  • "Hi! I just had to tell you how much I LOVE this DVD! This DVD is superbly made, I can't believe how realistic it is - it's like I'm really there! A particularly pretty scene was going by on the left and I actually turned my head to keep looking at it it was so real - imagine the disappointment of seeing my funky old basement steps instead - LOL! You will DEFINITELY be seeing more orders from me - these DVD's will keep me walking! They make an otherwise boring treadmill workout something to look forward to! Thank You so much! Missy"
  • "I just used the waterway walk from the 4 that I ordered of England, and just has to tell you how totally thrilled I was with the DVD - thank you so much. It was scenic, wonderfully clear and photographed perfectly - this was the first time in months that I was able to complete 30 minutes on the treadmill without cheating! My cardiologist will be thrilled - I am going to recommend to all my friends and everyone I know at work check out and buy your DVDs - thanks again - looking forward to using all the others! Totally RAVE review from this end! R."
  • "I have purchased three of your DVDs and loved them. They have literally changed my treadmill workouts from a chore to a delight! I am in the process of buying three more, and will most likely be back for even more before long. I am interested in some of the new titles that I see you have in the works. Please put me in your "Wants new titles" folder. Thanks for such an innovative product. (and I bet you have fun making them, too!) Kate"
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